Electric strike 17

Product description

Model with basic equipment.

Overview of Advantages

  • Suitable for all common striking plates
  • Due to 180° fitting, can be used DIN right and left
  • Symmetrical design
Technical data
Adjustable keeper (FF, FaFix®)Yes
Installation positionVertical and horizontal
Break-in resistance3500 N
Height75 mm
Width20,5 mm
Depth28 mm
Operating temperature range-15 °C to +40 °C
Variants that can be ordered
Order number
17----------D11Without strike plate, 6-12 V AC/DC
17----------R11Without face plate, 8-16 V AC/DC
17----------F11Without face plate, 24 V AC/DC
17----------E41Without striking plate, 12V DC 100%ED
17----------F41Without striking plate, 24V DC 100%ED
17----------C41Without striking plate, 8V DC electric unlocking
17----------I41Without strike plate, 48 V DC