Electric strike 37RR--------F91

  • ArtNo: 37RR--------F91
  • EAN: 4042203273542

Product description

Model with monitoring contact as potential-free changeover contact. This is actuated by the latch bolt via a slide.

Overview of Advantages

  • Suitable for all common striking plates
  • Due to 180° fitting, can be used DIN right and left
  • Symmetric casing design with fitted monitoring contact
  • DIN right, monitoring contact fitted underneath
  • Screw-on attachment material: Brass
Technical data
potential24 V DC
Adjustable keeper (FF, FaFix®)Yes
Monitoring contact (RR)Yes
Rated operating voltage tolerance range± 2 V
Contact loading capacity1 A
Rated resistance230 Ohm
Current consumption DC (50% Residual ripple)140 mA
Current consumption DC (stabilised)150 mA
Break-in resistance3500 N
Height82,8 mm
Width20,5 mm
Depth28 mm
Operating temperature range-15 °C to +40 °C
Max. keeper pre-load DC (50% residual ripple)10 N
Max. latch preload DC (stabilised)10 N