Mechatronical/electronical locking systems - CLIQ®

With the CLIQ technology, you are flexible and your locking system is secure

CLIQ® consists of few components that combine very high electronic and mechanical security. Each cylinder and key in the CLIQ® system has an integrated chip, but still offer the usual mechanical security functions.

Compared to mechanical solutions, CLIQ® offers several advantages and is easy to handle despite its highly developed technology. The modular system allows flexible design and can secure doors, gates and windows, letterbox, cabinets and padlocks.

Access authorizations can be quickly and easily revoke in the event of key loss. The secure management of the entire locking system is guaranteed without much administrative effort. In addition, all access events can be tracked using log files.

eCLIQ - electronic locking system
eCLIQ - electronic locking system

Electronic locking system for high security against manipulation and intelligent breakin attempts.

VERSO<sup>®</sup>CLIQ - mechatronic locking system
VERSO®CLIQ - mechatronic locking system

Solution for exacting requirements

+CLIQ - mechatronic locking system
+CLIQ - mechatronic locking system

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